Funcom’s Conan Exiles is free to play on stream until Sunday


    Funcom’s game Conan Exiles was one of the most nudity-filled role-playing game. This game was released in 2018 and managed to gain some hype from both critics and payers. So now the developers of Conan exile decided to make the game free to play this weekend. Now gamers can step into the Hyborian Age and enjoy the game for entirely free of charge on stream.

    This game has some certain updates released last week which makes the game more fun. There are some game play updates, new types of Purges and a new world. Some new content to make the game more competitive for the high-level gamer and many more.

    This game is free to play this weekend and runs until March 11. For the new upcoming users can also buy this game for a discounted price for $20/£17/€20 until March 18. If you already have the game then you buy DLC for a discount of 25%.