Gas Explosion in Virginia City’s Delta Saloon in Storey County, Nevada


    Virginia City, Nevada: On March 12 at around 9 am, an explosion occurred at the Delta Saloon in Virginia City, Nevada. Although no serious injuries were reported, the Saloon was heavily damaged in the explosion.

    Authorities believe that the explosion may have been caused by a gas leak. But it still not clear what led to the gas leak.

    Storey County’s Official Twitter had also warned people about the explosion. They said, “Due to the proximity of the Storey County Courthouse, employees were moved to safe location and are now back in their offices.”

    Storey County has also published pictures of the scene of the explosion. And by these pictures, we can assess that the Delta Saloon was heavily damaged.

    Authorities are investigating the scene of the incident to determine the cause and the chain of events that lead to the explosion.

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