Gearbox Software’s Borderland 3 Confirmed, Watch Teaser Here


    Gearbox Software announced a new borderland game and published its short teaser for the same.

    The teaser is titled ‘Mask of Mayhem.’ The entire cinematography of the video brings a fire of curiosity among the viewers about what the game would be about!

    The video opens with shot of a gun-wielding character who is shot by the statue of an angelic figure holding borderland’s iconic symbol. The camera keeps on moving and brings various ninjas with weird hairstyles and giving each other high-fives.

    Towards the end, the video reaches to a whole new level of mystery and finally reveals it was the tapestry on the iconic mask that the enemies wear. Since last few weeks, Gearbox has been tweeting about the launch of borderland and hence has successfully kept the audience in sight.

    The video has already received 22,000 views in a span of 6 hours and with the excitement level that’s been aroused, this game shall make a difference in the gaming industry. As the reports say, this game shall be launched towards the March end of 2020