Glaciers Regrowing in Greenland, NASA Study Reveals


    ‘Melting glaciers are the greatest threat to the environment?’ but recent NASA reports, decline this. Greenland glaciers, the one that was considered as the fastest shrinking glaciers are now growing again.

    This glacier was annually declining at a range of about 130 feet are now starting to display signs of growth. Jason box, head of Geological Survey conducted in Denmark and Greenland ice, said,” It was a surprise, but a good kind of surprise.

    Though everyone has been used to seeing the runaway system work, this growth actually shows some promise that the world can be saved, It is a gentle reminder that the effort people put into reducing hazardous waste that goes into the environment is working.

    It is not going at a very fast rate, but it is getting there.”Although this may seem as good news, when kept long term vision in sight, this may not turn out to be very good news.

    A scientist that has been studying ocean water says that ocean water warms up because of man-made changes and 90% of the heat is trapped by greenhouse gases in the ocean. At a large scale, this news may seem like a minor change.

    But this surely shall affect how people look and view at as an environmental crisis. A ray of hope, at least now may make people think over why saving mother Earth is a matter of necessity.