Huawei’s network equipment inspected to have security flaws


    Leading Chinese Telecommunications Equipment tech giant Huawei’s has been recently inspected to have “significant” technical risks in their network security.

    Recently the US had signed a provision under the National Defense Authorization Act to prevent government organizations using Huawei’s network technologies.

    Huawei had also filed a case against this ban stating that it was a “bill of attainder” and now UK agencies have also observed and is reporting it as a potential tapped public data provider to the Chinese government.

    Given the innovation in mobile network technologies Huawei has brought in the global market, it is not diplomatic to ban the company. The UK union has been following this idea. But since the allegations and reports are getting more heat and evidence, and “no material progress” being made by the company this position is bringing in second thoughts.

    Huawei is one of the leading network technologies and equipment provider and innovator. Being a big tech firm the UK and other European countries expect answers and improvements in regards to the accusations and criticisms directed to them.

    A nation’s peoples personal details being compromised and served to other nation is a great threat to its security. With the new 5G network almost ready to enter the telecom system around the world, the European Union has started to take “caution” and decide by themselves how to keep its social security out of breaches and threats.