K Pop Star Jung Joon Young Arrested For Filming and Sharing Sex Video


    On Thursday, K Pop Star Jung Joon Young (30) was arrested for secretly filming Sex videos of women without their consent or knowledge and sharing the videos on his Chat Group, officials reported.

    Seoul Police revealed that they discovered Jung his involvement in illegally sharing sexually explicit videos of women while they were investigating another K Pop star Seungri who was charged with sex and bribery allegation earlier this month.

    Seungri BIGBANG K Pop

    They said while investigating Seungri they found out that Jung has shared sex video of women in an online chat group to Seungri and several other people.

    Seoul Police arrested Jung and took him to Jongno Police Station. He has then come out with an official statement, admitting to the charges placed on him by the police and apologizing to the victims for the things he has done.

    Jung said, “I admit to all suspicions. I will not challenge the charges brought by the investigative agency, and I will humbly accept the court’s decision.”

    He added, “I bow my head and apologize to the women victimized and hurt by rumors irrelevant to the truth. I also apologize to everyone who supported me.”

    Jung also said that because of his actions he would be cancelling all his project and shows and also retiring from the music industry.

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