Mel B and Geri Halliwell Slept Together Back In The Day


    In an interview with Piers Morgan for his new ITV show Life Stories, Melanie Brown aka Mel B averred a sexual encounter with her fellow Spice Girl, Halliwell Horner, during the girl group’s heyday in the 90s.

    The rumours are not new and the tantalizing question for the fans of the Spice Girls, DID 2 become 1? is there for more than two decades now. Finally, now the Scary Spice Mel B has provided the answer – she did have a lesbian fling with the fellow bandmate Geri Halliwell.

    With Brown’s revelation coming just before the Spice Girls reunite for a nostalgia-inducing tour, the reports say it might just get a bit awkward on the tour bus with Scary Spice’s loose lips.


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    If you put two and two together You will see what our friendship is for ✌?❤️✌? ? Ray Burmiston

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    The tour when just is two months away obviously they didn’t things to jeopardize, but now there is a real fear of some serious issues between Geri and her husband, Christian.

    The actual transcript of the interview reports Piers asking the former America’s Got Talent judge, “Did you or didn’t you with Geri Halliwell….did you sleep with her?” to which she replied, “Yeah, we all slept in a bed together but not like that’ all of us.”

    This was immediately followed by the question “Did you sleep with Geri ‘like that’ ?” to which Melanie just tried to skirt away from the question, but when asked repeatedly she answered.

    That’s when the 43-year old singer offered a smile and a nod, stating, “she’s going to hate me for this because she’s all posh in her country house and her husband. But it’s a fact. It just happened and we just giggled at it and that was it.”.

    Mel further justified the tryst by saying that it was not a blossoming romance, just a sexual tryst between the fellow singers and it was only once, and hopefully when Geri gets asked about this, which she will, she won’t deny it, when Piers tried getting into details with asking “was it regular? and how many times a day it was?”

    However some people have reacted to this but claiming to be untrue it is just “Mel B being Mel B”, because Mel B, later on, admitted that the public will be fascinated by her flirting with Geri, who married Formula 1 racing team boss Christian Horner in 2015