Metra UP-NW trains disrupted after pedestrian died near Edison Park


    A pedestrian was fatally hit by Metra Union Pacific Northwest train near the Edison Park on Friday Morning, halting the inbound and outbound train service trains on Metra’s UP-NW line.

    In a tweet, Metra UP-NW said, “Train 618 struck a pedestrian. Please seek alternative transportation if it is an option.”

    The incident took place at around 7:30 a.m. when Metra UP-NW’s train 618 hit a pedestrian near the Edison Park, 6730 North Olmsted Avenue, resulting in his death.

    In response to the incident, Metra UP-NW has halted all “Inbound and outbound train movement” and advise people to take alternate transport as “Customers should expect extensive delays.”

    Authorities are on the scene and are investigating the incident.

    Police have released the name or identity of the deceased yet.

    This is a developing story and we will update you when more information is released.