Mount Everest Melting : Bodies or Climbers Re-Emerge


    For almost 100 years, climbing Mount Everest’s 29,029-foot summit was believed a mountaineer life’s goal. Climbers face weeks of acclimatization time rising gradually from camp to camp, thin atmosphere, treacherous terrain, and freezing conditions. When someone dies on Mount Everest that their corpse is mummified by the strong wind and low temperatures and immediately becoming frozen into position. Nearly 300 climbers are killed attempting to scale the mountain because of the very first effort to scale it in 1922.

    However, now the melting glaciers on Mount Everest are exposing the lifeless bodies of climbers previously entombed in ice glaciers, as global warming causes temperatures to grow.

    “Because of global warming, the ice sheet and glaciers are fast melting and the dead bodies that remained buried all these years are now becoming exposed,” Ang Tshering Sherpa, former president of the Nepal Mountaineering Association, has informed the media.

    Since the spring climbing season starts bodies that are being subjected by the melting glaciers have been eliminated on the side of the summit, BBC News reported. “We’ve brought down lifeless bodies of a few mountaineers who perished in the past few decades, but the previous ones who stayed buried are currently coming out.”

    Officials with the Expedition Operators Association of Nepal (EOAN) stated they had been bringing down ropes in the higher peaks of Everest and Lhotse hills this rising season but coping with dead bodies wasn’t simple.