Mountain Dew Is Releasing Limited-Edition Cans of ‘Game of Thrones’


    Every time there is something trending, something people are going mad about, something people are very excited about, it is the time for companies to cash in people’s excitement, and with Game of Thrones final season coming around, food brands are ready to latch on the final season. With “Game of Thrones” beer, whiskey, chocolates and Oreo cookies already proposed and released in the market.

    it is Mountain Dew now who has dived into with their new ad campaign! Beer! Burger! People are ready with their plans for 14th April, that is when the beginning for the end begins. But wait! There is the new thing you need to add in your plans, Mountain Dew, NO! not the old one with the signature black and neon cans with the flashy logos, but rather a new one which company claims to be nameless, faceless and brandless and likes to call it as “A Can Has No Name”.

    Remember when Arya turned into a cold-blooded assassin and joined the Faceless Men of Bravos, taking the reference, when not chilled, the Mountain Dew cans are plain white as the snow of the endless winter, once chilled, the can turns into yet another “Game of Thrones” reference and reveals Arya’s notorious “kill list”, consisting of the names of the people whom she wants to avenge for the wrong done to her family. Truly Chilling! But you have to hurry because this ain’t any normal can you’d get in any local grocery store, this a ‘limited edition’ stock and there are only two ways you can get it.

    You need to enter a contest on Twitter, as part of the campaign, Mountain Dew has set up a few hashtags that you need to use to win a can, tweeting:

    There is another way you could grab your can, are you have to be in New York City or Los Angeles, but that’s not it, you need to find the “Masters of Coin” in both the cities. Once you do that, you have to say out the “ancient password” and you’ll receive the special coin. In turn, this coin can be used in an Iron Wending machine which will finally give you your limited edition Mountain Dew Cans.

    This all might sound and look very silly, but yeah this will definitely go down as PepsiCo’s one of the most creative ad campaign.