Netflix Planning to Introduce A Cheaper Subscription Plan In India


    Netflix is planning to launch a cheaper subscription in India in response to the increasing number on Indian Viewer on their platform.

    Yes, you read it right. As the cutthroat competition from Hotstar and Amazon prime in the Indian market has made Netflix thinks about its pricing in the Indian market.

    As of now as the subscription prices in India for Netflix are 500₹, 650₹ and 800₹ per month. Considering the Indian audience and the low turn up of subscriptions, Netflix has now decided to revise the subscription plan and bring it down to half than what it costs now!

    In India, the future streaming online seems quite visibly bright. Platforms like Amazon prime and Hotstarhave already set a benchmark as they charge comparatively low. Even though Netflix’s content is far better than any other competitor, so it’s price and to rule over the Indian market, both content and pricing have to have a balance.

    This revised pricing of Netflix’s monthly subscription will be valid on mobiles and tablets, which also makes sense because that’s where the rates of viewers are the highest. With this good news, now you definitely on your weekends can ‘Netflix and chill!’