No Release Date ‘The New Mutants’ Maisie Williams Confirms


    The counterbid of $71.3 billion by Disney had resulted in the possession of 21st Century Fox. The acquisition officially took place on 20 March 2019. With the merger many fans around the globe are delighted and they are eager to see the X-men characters appearing in Marvel Cinematic Universe.

    The well-renowned franchise could advance more as they now possess a vast library of characters. With the glee in one hand, there have risen various discomforts in the current projects.

    The current version of X-men franchise is also going to end after the release of Dark Phoenix in this June. Also, the horror-themed movie “The New Mutants” is going nowhere due to the merger.

    The movie was planned to release last year but the creative difference between director and production pushed a year away. And again the release is in the dilemma. While asked the actor Maisie Williams when she was promoting the final season of Game of Thrones, she told that she had no idea about the movie and its release.

    She expressed her frustration bluntly about the release dates. The release date is scheduled on 2 August 2019 and no one knows it could be fixed or extended further.
    Director Josh Boone told that the movie is its own distinct sort of horror genre with rubber reality supernatural horror film drawn from the big events from comics.

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