Pakistan Navy reportedly thwarted Indian Submarine’s infiltration attempt


    Pakistani authorities reportedly claim that on Monday an Indian Navy Submarine tried to infiltrate Pakistani waters but was immediately thwarted by the Pakistani Navy. A Pakistan Navy’s Official said that on Monday night Pakistan Navy detected an Indian Navy Submarine trying to enter Pakistani water. however this infiltration attempt was foiled by the quick response of Pakistan’s Navy, he added.

    The Navy official also added that “The Pakistan Navy used its specialized skills to ward off the submarine, successfully keeping it from entering Pakistani waters,”

    They have also released a video which shows the periscope of a submarine sticking out of the water.

    It cannot be confirmed that the submarine in the video belongs to the Indian Navy because the submarine is underwater but if the video is genuine then it is likely that the Submarine indeed belongs to the Indian Navy.

    Although Pakistan Officials are claiming that an Indian Submarine tried to infiltrate Pakistani territory but this has not been confirmed or denied by the Indian Navy whether what the Pakistani Officials are claiming is true or not.

    The relation between India and Pakistan is an all-time high. This is because of the Pulwama Terror attack in which more than 40 Indian Security Forces personnel were killed. And what followed has been the result of this very incident. On 26 February Indian Air Force conducted a cross border air strike to take out terrorists and high-value targets running training camps in Pakistan’s territory.

    This air strike caused Pakistan to retaliate and they tried to target various military installations using their F-16. But when Pakistani F-16 tried to infiltrate Indian Air Space they met Indian Mig-21 and subsequently a dog ensued between both the aircraft.

    Both the aircraft were shot down by each other’s airforce and both planes went down in Pakistan Controlled Jammu And Kashmir. The Indian Air Force Pilot flying the Mig-21, Abhinandan Varthaman was captured by Pakistani officials, though he was released a few days later.

    Things have been relatively calm between the two Nuclear armed nations but they are constantly engaging in cross border firing and shelling across the Line Of Control.

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