Pakistan pilot Shahzaz Ud Din Killed by Local Pakistani


    One Pakistani Air Force Pilot has been killed by Local Pakistanis after his plane was shot down by Indian Mig-21 bison. The pilot flying the PAF’s F-16 was Wing Commander Shahzaz Ud Din of No. 19 Squadron. His plane was intercepted reportedly intercepted by Wing Commander Abhinandan Varthaman who was flying a Mig-21 bison. Varthaman was later shot down by Pakistan’s Air Defence.

    According to reports, all three pilots, Abhinandan Varthaman flying the Mig-21 and Shahzaz Ud Din along with another unnamed pilot flying the F-16 safely ejected from their aircraft. All the pilots landed in the Azad Kashmir or Pakistan Occupied Kashmir but Shahzaz Ud Din was rendered unconscious while ejecting his aircraft.

    After his parachute landed on the ground the Pakistani Locals gathered around him but they thought he was an Indian pilot and started beating him. The Pakistani Authorities in the area rushed to his aid but reportedly he was already dead.

    Pakistan pilot Killed Local Pakistani Indian Pilot
    Pakistan Air Force Pilot Shahzaz Ud Din standing in front of Chinese Su-35 Flanker E

    This information was also collaborated by the fact that earlier Pakistani Authorities reported that they have shot down two of India’s Mig-21 And three Indian Pilots are in their custody. The Mig-21 is a single seater fighter, therefore, it would have been impossible that Pakistan has three Indian Pilots in custody as they shot down only two planes.

    Later, Pakistani Officials changed their statement that they only shot down one Indian Mig-21 and only one pilot is in their custody. And that pilot was IAF Wing Commander Abhinandan Varthaman. By this information, it could be inferred that Pakistani Authorities mistook one of their own aircraft as an Indian fighter.

    A Local eye witness has also confirmed that two aircraft were shot and he saw three parachutes in the sky. This is corroborated with what Pakistani Official said earlier that they shot “two IAF fighters” and “three Pilots” are in their custody.

    Pakistan still hasn’t made any statements about their downed F-16 or the loss of their pilot. The status of the other F-16 is also unknown. We are still waiting for Pakistani Authorities’ Official Statement in this issue.

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