People Of Indiana can expect Aurora in Night Sky this Weekend


    Are you from Indianapolis? It’s a bummer if not! But if you might be in luck because you get may get to see the aurora borealis in its full glory.

    Scientists at the NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) believe the solar activity on Wednesday may make it possible to see the aurora.

    Indiana aurora

    Holcomb Observatory and Planetarium Director Brian Murphy also said, “Tomorrow night is probably favoured over tonight.” And added, “we’ll see the inklings of it tonight, but there’s a 75 percent chance of a geomagnetic storm for tomorrow. Your best chance is after sunset, from around midnight to 2 a.m.”

    In case you’re wondering what the aurora is, it’s basically a light show in the sky due to the Collison between charged particles from the sun and the atmospheric particles which result in gases which in turn reflect various colours.

    Indiana aurora

    The best chance to see the lights will be near the Michigan Indiana border. But the lights may be visible as far south as central Indiana, according to some maps. This is because of the Light Pollution in the city, caused by artificial lights in the city.

    The best shot you have, to see the northern lights is to find an area without light traffic. In other words, just find an area where city lights or moonlight won’t drown out the aurora.

    And what’s more? You don’t even need any binoculars or a telescope! Your own eyes as they have a wide field of view! And the obvious thing for you to do is Look NORTH not south.

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