Perry High School suspends students for wearing Pro-Trump gear on USA day


    Gilbert, Arizona – Perry High School got into a very big controversy when it asked eight of its students to leave the school for being disruptive and threatening the safety of the students. But the parents of those students who were suspended say that they were fired for their difference in political views.

    They say that their children are not at fault and were only suspended because the school staff were uncomfortable for they choose to wear on the USA day. Students entered Perry High School on USA day wearing ‘Make America Great Again’ gear and trump flags.

    And this is where the controversy started as they were asked by the school staff to remove their “Pro Trump” apparel. They then asked them to leave the school for being disruptive to the school environment.

    But the school has denied all these allegations. Perry High School’s principal recently said that the students weren’t disciplined or asked to leave the school for their political views but instead for their disruptive behaviour and safety concerns for other students in the school.

    All this controversy has caught the eye of Arizona lawmaker. Rep. Kelly Townsend. She wrote a post on facebook asking the school to “issue an apology,” and “reverse the punishment of the student who was suspended for 10 days.”

    Many people are protesting for the unjust behaviour of the school and are demanding a formal investigation in the school’s conduct.

    Perry High School hasn’t made any further statement yet but we will inform you if any further developments are made.