Petition to revoke Article 50 gets almost 5 million votes


    The British prime minister, Theresa May, has been unable to get her deal to get Britain out of the EU, voted through the house of commons. MPs from both sides of the benches have been looking forward to halting the Brexit process altogether.

    The parliament is now obliged to revoke article 50 due to the petition laid out by the English Cypriot woman, Margaret Georgiadou. The petition had been launched to revoke article 50 in late February.

    This petition was a success as it reached almost 5 million signatures, leading it to be the most popular petition ever in the history of the United Kingdom. Due to this petition, the Cypriot woman received a lot of backlash.

    Earlier, Georgiadou tweeted: “Hi – am the person responsible for the revoke article 50 petition. Just needed to tell you that 1. I am currently visiting Cyprus. and 2. last night I had three telephoned death threats. Who wants Brexit so much that they are prepared to kill for it?”

    She also mentioned in one of her earlier tweets that she had to
    delete her Facebook account after she received a “torrent of abuses” on social media.