PlayStation Gamer’s can Download Free PS4 Games This Weekend

    PlayStation fans can download PS4 and PlayStation VR games for free this weekend. The free games offer comes just days after the release of the 2019 March PlayStation Plus games and this will remain available until the end of the March.
    Free games can be obtained by visiting the game’s PlayStation Store page and clicking on the free demo tab in the top left. We can not say about the time limit for how long players can pick up this special demo. This free game trial is a little different from other free trails as players will be able to play the free trial but with certain limitations.
    Those games who want to test out a new PlayStation VR experience can download Megalith demo free this weekend. The PlayStation Store page confirms that the game needs a camera and VR headset to play. It’s a first-person arena brawler and is one of the first games of arena brawler available on PS4 for VR experience.
    This new PlayStation free game Offer is available now on PlayStation Store.

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