Protest in Somalia – Al Qaeda Attacks Government Office


    On Saturday an extremist Islamic group linked with Al-Qaeda attack Somalia’s government office, 5 people’s were killed including the country’s labor minister. 10 other people were injured. The building still being nearer to headquarter of Somali intelligence agency faces such terror. As per reports, there were 5 gunmen who entered the building.

     Al-Shabab’s gunmen attacked govt. Building followed by a suicide car bombing, As per witnesses, the gunfire could be heard inside the building. A similar attack was done at the end of February on the capital city of Somalia (Mogadishu).
    This Al-Qaeda linked extremist group is highly active in Africa and it has been fighting for years to take power and to create an Islamic state in Somalia. Talking about Africa this group have even attacked Kenya.
    Al Shabab had faced a number of deadly air strikes from US military a few months ago.