PUBG Updates : Mobile Gives Stats for all the Things and Overall Updates


    PUBG Mobile recently finished one year of presence and the anniversary parties are in full force. There are assorted in-game things, events and a lot more happening.

    The most recent addition to marking the first anniversary of this battle royale game is that players are now able to to have a look at stats for the whole calendar year.

    PUBG Mobile has tweeted confirming this inclusion and states that in case you discuss a screenshot of your stats, then you get an opportunity to win the Xmas Parachute and maintain it eternally on your stock.

    So how can you get it? Just head into the events page on the bottom right corner. Click on the page then on the pillar which opens, click the choice PUBG Mobile: First Year.

    Your stats like your favourite gun, how you died, the quantity of revives and much more must open up. Not surprisingly users have submitted stats about the tweet along with a few showed them playing almost 3,000 games within the last year.

    With an average of 15 minutes each match, the entire time arrives in about 45,000 minutes roughly 750 hours roughly 31 times of constant PUBG.

    This figure does not include the Arcade style, which God knows how many men and women play and for how long. Maybe PUBG is on to something with its Health Reminder alert locking players outside after 6 hours of continuous gambling.