Ready Or Not Official Gameplay Trailer Released Today


    VOID Interactive has just released the Official Gameplay Trailer for Ready or Not diving more into the gameplay mechanics and story.

    Ready or Not could arguably be the most anticipated first-person tactical shooter. Its first reveal trailer was launched in 2017 and since then people are patiently waiting for the release of the game.

    In that trailer, the developer VOID Interactive didn’t reveal much of the gameplay, but it was apparent that Ready or Not would be a first-person tactical shooter. And when we say ‘tactical shooter’ we mean a real tactical shooter. But in this trailer, we could get a more clear picture of how the game actually is.

    The trailer is narrated by a female voice which tells the viewer about the different aspects of the game. Ready or Not puts the player in the shoes of a Special Weapons and Tactics Officer of SWAT who tasked with various operations ranging from a Hostage situation to drug bust.

    Ready or Not Team

    Ready or Not is also could be the first game that gives the most control of the in-game character to the player. The game gives a number of options on the ways you can react and interact with the environment. This enables the player to approach the situation in a multitude of ways, and this gives the player different experience in every encounter.

    The trailer tells us about the two gameplay mode of Ready or Not. One is a career mode, this gives the player a team of AI controlled SWAT member and the other one is a PvP mode where you are pitted against other players. Ready or Not also provides a plethora of other features such as the ability to host your own dedicated servers and game customization.

    The game customization will be great for the player who likes to tinker as this will allows players to add and modify different weapons, textures and object in order to customize and create different levels.

    According to the trailer the Limited Alpha Access is set to open on August 2019 and Limited Beta Access is set to open in next year on June 2020.