Teenage Boy and Palestinian Man Killed by Israeli Forces


    Israeli forces have killed a Palestinian man and a teenage boy and wounded 33 protestors at the Gaza frontier, where they were marking the anniversary of the demonstration movement where 250 Palestinians have been killed.

    Israeli military estimated 30,000 demonstrators had turned up at several points along the border and they threw rocks and in some places explosive devices towards the fence.
    A committee that organized the protest released a statement calling for participants to keep the demonstration peaceful and stay 200m from the perimeter behind which Israeli forces are stationed and not to burn tires.

    One Palestinian man Samir al-Madhoun said he was there to demand the “right to a decent life” also he said “we do not want more than that, we have suffered for more than 12 years” adding to it he said that he had protested all year and he would continue for another if needed. Another demonstrator said that there are 2 million Palestinians suffering in Gaza.

    When the movement was first launched in 2018 Israeli soldiers shot 16 Palestinians. Demonstrators have demanded recognition of the right of Palestinian refugees in Gaza, weekly gatherings have diminished in size but continued for 12 months despite the fact that Israel has not agreed to their demand.

    UN on Saturday urged Israel to avoid violent escalation.