The Heavy Fire Completely Destroy Coram Apartment Building on Long Island


    A heavy fire completely destroyed an Apartment Complex on Long Island, The extreme blaze took over this building at the Fairfield Apartments on Country Club Drive around 2:45 a.m. Tuesday.

    A security guard noticed the blaze from the Coram Apartment and immediately called 911.
    Police officers were first to come at the fired building and went door-to-door to get rescue people from the building safely. Officers even helped save pets.

    There are a total of eight different fire departments were called for fire beat out at the Fairfield Courtyard at Coram on Country Club Drive.

    Fire crews worked to get the blaze under control, but one firefighter fell through the floor while battling with the blaze and was get injured. then, the firefighter was taken to an area hospital, but the extent of their injuries wasn’t clear.

    According to the report, It appears that everyone who lives in Fairfield Apartments on Country Club Drive is rescued.

    The cause of this heavy fire is under investigation.

    Be sure to check for updates regarding this.