The Rising Of the Shield Hero Episode 12 Is Out Now


    The Rising Of the Shield Hero Episode 12 is out now and fans are excited to see the new the ‘Main Villian’ of the series.

    The last episode ended with a cliffhanger, after Rising Of the Shield Hero’s titular protagonist Naofumi aka the Sheild Hero used all new technique the ‘Iron Maiden’ that made everyone’s including all the other 3 hero’s jaws drop.

    Using to Iron Maiden Naofumi was able to take out the Dimensional Soul Eater which the 3 three heroes weren’t able to take down with all their special attacks combined.

    And at the end of the episode, we were introduced to Glass. She appears to be series’ main antagonist as she is also seen the anime op where she is fighting Naofumi.

    So what happens in this episode. Well, she wrecks everyone. First, she one-shots Sword, Spear and Bow Hero. Then she fights Shield Hero who manages to her off for enough time until the Wave time countdown runs down.

    But the main meat comes from the end of the episode where when she is meeting the Shield Hero to try to convince him to make amends with the king, one of the Guard tries to kill her.

    One other guard could also be seen holding a crystal ball which would mean that someone is trying to frame him for the Melty’s murder. With someone clues in the episode, we could guess who might be trying to kill Melty.

    It could be the King, her own her father because in this episode we could see him use the crystal ball to see Naofumi’s action in the wave or it could be Melty’s sister Malty. This is because earlier in the episode they had a little argument.

    But who is the actual killer? we could only found that out in the next episode of The Rising Of the Shield Hero