Two Dead In Deadly SW Miami-Dade Gas Station Shooting


    2 people are dead and one Suspect has been detained who is believed to be involved in a shooting southwest Miami-Dade gas station.

    The Shooting took place on Wednesday midnight at a Miami-Dade gas station near Southwest 117th Avenue.

    Miami-Dade Police Officers responded to a shooting reports and after they reached the site incident they found a White BMW riddled with bullet holes.

    Inside the vehicle, there were two people one man and one woman. The man was dead by the time police reached the scene however the woman was still alive and she was rushed to the Kendall regional medical center which is right next to the gas station.

    Unfortunately, the woman didn’t make and was pronounced dead by the time she reached the hospital.

    Police towed away 3 vehicles which were involved in the incident.

    Police have also cleared the scene of incident and the gas station is now open for business.