Two Russian Air Force ‘carrying troops’ Lands in Venezuela


    Reports are coming in that two Russian Airforce Cargo Plane carrying Russian official and troops had just landed Maiquetía, Venezuela.

    Javier Mayorca, an independent reporter reported that Two Russian planes one being Ilyushin Il-62M passenger and other one being Antonov 124 cargo landed in Maiquetía. The delegation was led by General Vasily Tonkoshkurov, head of the Mobilization Directorate of Russia’s armed forces, along with 100 Russian troops and 35 tonnes of equipment Javier reported.

    It could be seen in the photos that both the planes are bearing Russian Flag along with what seems like Russian officials and troops disembarking from the planes.

    Nicolás Maduro, the current president who was reelected in 2018 in what many people and experts are calling a ‘rigged election’ is openly supported by Russian and China.

    Both the countries have invested billions of dollar in Nicolás Maduro led Venezuelan Government while the country is going through rapid inflation and economic crisis.

    This has led the country to plunge into a humanitarian crisis with the majority of the country’s populace being affected. Venezuelans are not being able to purchase basic food supplies and this is not helped by the fact that Venezuelan Government is blocked convoys carrying humanitarian aid into Venezuela and severe economic sanction put on by the US Government.