Update: Death Toll Rises to 47 in China’s Chemical Plant Explosion


    The Death toll in the recent Chemical Plant explosion in Eastern China has risen to 47 along with 640 people getting injured, Officials from the Yancheng city Government have said.

    The explosion tools place on at around 06:50 a.m. (GMT) on Thursday. The building in question is a Fertilizer/Pesticide plant in the Chenjiagang Industrial Park in the city of Yancheng, in Jiangsu province.

    Officials have reported that the blast so strong that it caused a small earthquake, knocked down several adjacent buildings and shattered windows of buildings few kilometres in radius.

    So far 47 people have been killed and 640 people have been injured in the explosion but the number of casualties and injured is expected to rise given the nature and scale of the incident.

    Fire and Emergency service are on the scene and are helping people who were caught in the blast zone and were injured. There are reports of people still trapped in the rubble of the factory building and rescue teams trying to get them out.

    This accident has caused serious outrage among the people of China as this is not the first such accident in recent time.

    In 2015, an explosion in a chemical warehouse in the northern city of Tianjin killed 165 people. And in November of last year, 23 people were killed in a series of explosions while delivering a flammable gas at a chemical factory.

    Investigative agencies are on the scene and are looking into the cause of the explosion but they have not released any finding as of right now.

    This is a developing situation and we will update you after more information is released.

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