Update: East Boston, Fire at New England Casket Co. Raised to 8th Alarm


    Boston Fire Department has now raised the fire at the New England Casket Company to the 8th Alarm and multiple firefighting agencies are now trying to control and contain the fire.

    At around 3:04 pm the Boston Fire Department got a “report of a building fire,” “at 24 Bennington New England Casket,” Boston Fire Dept. said on their twitter.

    Firefighters were trying their best to contain and control the fire but it grew extremely fast. And in just a few minutes the 5th, 6th and 7th alarm was ordered.

    And at around 5:36 pm the 8th alarm was ordered, Boston Fire Dept tweeted.

    They have also issued an evacuation notice and “multiple agencies working together to help-evacuate the residents” Boston Fire Dept. said.

    Boston Fire Dept. are still battling the fire and we will update this story if any developments are made.

    We will be sharing all the live updates at Union Journalism.