Update: Suspect of Grenade Attack In Jammu Arrested, One Teen Killed


    One teenager named Mohammad Sharik has succumbed to his injuries in the Grenade attack that happened on Thursday afternoon in Jammu. Mohammad Sharik was 17-year-old and a resident of Uttarakhand. He died from a chest wound caused by the shrapnel from the grenades, doctors said.

    Jammu police are also reporting that the attack was orchestrated by Hizbul Mujahideen and one suspect has been arrested. Based on CCTV footage, authorities believe that the suspect they have arrested is responsible for the grenade attack. Jammu Police added that the suspect is a Hizbul Mujahideen operative.

    Jammu and Kashmir Police’s Manish K Sinha said, “Camera footage was examined and based on oral testimony of witnesses we were able to identify a suspect. He was wearing jeans and a red rucksack. We were on lookout for anyone matching the description. The accused was arrested and he confessed to his crime. Hizbul commander from Kulgam had tasked him with the grenade attack.”

    Jammu Police and Emergency team were immediately called to the scene after the explosion went off. Because the explosion went off in a bus stand, Many people thought that a tire had burst.

    This attack comes in the backdrop of the recent Pulwama Attack in which 43 Indian Security Personnel were killed. This has caused a rise in tension between India And Pakistan. And this incident will likely increase the strain on India-Pakistan relation even more.