Video: Arizona police officers Breach Home to save toddler with 105 Fever


    Arizona police officers broke down the door of an Arizona home in order to retrieve a 2-year-old boy who had a temperature of 105. This was caught in surveillance footage. This incident occurred on Sunday after 1 a.m. at Chandler, which is 25 miles southeast of Phoenix.

    Sarah Beck and Brooks Bryce, the parents of the boy, had gone to a clinic in late February with their sick son—who was not vaccinated—and the doctor said that his temperature was 105 and had to been taken to the hospital.

    According to the parents, the fever had gone down to 102 by the time they had reached home and so they decided to not take him to the hospital. When the doctor had found out that the child was not taken to the hospital, the doctor called the DCS who in turn called the Chandler Police Department.

    The police reached their house by 10:30 pm and the parents refused to open the door. So, the officers came with a warrant at around 1:30 and when the parents wouldn’t open the door, they broke it and ordered their three children into the custody of the Department of Child Safety. This was caught in surveillance footage.

    The police report said there they had to forcibly enter the house due to present danger to the child and the parents refused to open the door.

    “This mother is nearly 9 months pregnant and her baby will be born soon. I have great concern that DCS will also take this infant over a misdiagnosis by the Dr., who thought the child might have meningitis when actually he had RSV (Respiratory syncytial virus),” State Rep. Kelly Townsend said in a statement on March 25.

    “I call on DCS to immediately return the children who are also being traumatized due to this misdiagnosis,” the statement said. “The parents were correct, the doctor was wrong.”

    The three children are currently in the custody of their grandparents. The parents hope to regain custody at an April hearing.