Video Shows Adele & Jennifer Lawrence going wild at a Gay Bar in NYC


    The Golden Globe winner singer Adele, 30, and the Academy Award-winning actress Jennifer Lawrence, 28, spent the Friday night of March 22 out dancing and partying at the Pieces, an esteemed gay bar in New York City.

    The duo snapped selfies and videos, cracking jokes and having fun with the crowd. They crashed the bar filled with fans together and caught everyone by surprise. Adele and Jennifer both had a lot of fun dancing and chatting with the crowd.


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    Адель в «Pieces Bar» этой ночью. VC: Rovin D. Sena

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    It could clearly be seen in the selfies and the videos how much fun and lively the two celebrities are in real life. The two could be seen tripping and falling on the stage together, laughing on themselves and simply living their moments with the Pieces folks.

    The host of the party Brita Filter asked the singer if she was “ready to mingle with the gays tonight” and Adele replied “Obviously”. Adele Playing drinking games and talking about their lives with the crowd, the two ladies gave the fans “one of the best nights ever”.

    The best part of the night was the reaction of the fans seen from the wild videos and tweets about their “partying with Jennifer Lawrence” and spending their night “performing on stage with Adele”