International Waffle Day: 9 flavors to try now


    If you are a Waffle lover, then your day has come. Pull the maple syrup out, Monday is
    International Waffle Day!

    Waffle Day is a tradition that was first celebrated in Sweden on March 25.

    The day historically marked the beginning of spring and was celebrated by the eating of many waffles.

    It soon spread and became a popular worldwide phenomenon.

    For those who don’t know what waffles are?

    They are small crisp batter cake which is baked in a waffle iron and eaten hot with butter or
    syrup. Waffles are consumed throughout the world, especially in Belgium.

    Now, as we all know what waffles are. Don’t you think it deserves a celebration? Take this day to explore the diversity that the world of the waffle has got to give you.

    Here we provide you with a list of nine luscious waffles to try in honor of the holiday.
    1. Carrot cake waffles Quick to make. Simply add grated carrots, orange oil, and carotene powder to make the orange color look more intense.
    2. Almond champagne waffles Finely ground roasted almonds and champagne add terrific zing to these average waffles.
    3. Classic Belgian Waffles You can’t get it wrong with these lightweight, crisp traditional Brussels-style waffles.
    4. Potato waffles Potato can enhance the taste of anything and everything.
    5. Coconut waffles Can’t go wrong with tropical coconut flavor.
    6. Red velvet waffles Red velvet lovers, this one is for you.
    7. Zaffrani Malpua and Rabdi waffle Why not add desi flavors into a waffle. Exemplary fusion.
    8. Chicken-stuffed waffles Especially for the non-vegetarian junta. Stuff the waffle with chicken for some mouth-watering results.
    9. Womelets As the name suggests, it’s a cross between a waffle and an omelet.

    We hope you would not miss this opportunity otherwise you might have to wait a complete year to celebrate heavenly waffles again.