Apex Legends : Teaser for New Weapon


    Respawn Entertainment, the studio behind Apex Legends, could have unintentionally, or maybe intentionally, dropped a teaser to get a brand new unreleased weapon within their most recent developer check.

    Thus far, Apex Legends has just had one weapon additional post-launch – that the Havoc energy rifle – so it is anticipated that some new weapons are coming shortly. The launching of Season 1 came and went, and while we did get a brand new Legend at Octane, there were not any new weapons added alongside.

    Presumably at some stage during Season 1 however, a few developments will be made to the present arsenal.

    Also, Respawn might have in reality shown a glance at what this could be. More: All leaked and teased content arriving at Apex Legends in Season 1: Wild FrontierOn March 27, the neighbourhood director Jay Frechette submitted a check’ thread on the official Alex Legends subreddit, discussing a variety of upgrades and concerns that the staff is presently discussing.

    What many people might not have noticed, however, is that the graphics accompanying the article have some peculiarities – especially the weapon being discovered on Mirage’s back. Some have implied that the weapon on Mirage’s back might be regarding the automobile SMG from Titanfall two, which will bear some similarities.

    We’ll need to wait till a future upgrade to find out if these are new weapons coming into the match, but if they’re released such as the Havoc before them, we might not find much notice. Much like how the match itself was released as a surprise, the Havoc has been announced that the day before it had been inserted, which means you will never know if Respawn might opt to add something new.