WhatsApp beta 2.19.82 begins testing Dark Mode for Android Users


    WhatsApp is a popular free messaging app used by millions to connect with their contacts, all over the world. It is set to get an aesthetic upgrade. WhatsApp is about to offer a shadowy interface, known as ‘dark mode’.
    We have seen dark mode succeed in apps like Google Chrome, Facebook Messenger and Youtube. Now, WhatsApp is preparing to welcome its dark side as the newest beta version contains traces of this expected feature.

    WhatsApp beta 2.19.82 begins testing Dark Mode for Android Users
    Pic- XDA Developers

    The dark mode proves helpful in using the phone under low light conditions. It limits the white light interface while using the app thus putting less strain on eyes in the night. It also improves the battery life of the device.

    As reported by the reputable outlet WABetaInfo, WhatsApp beta for Android v2.19.82 features code changes for the dark mode. This feature is currently under development and is not available for all users. WABetaInfo did manage to force the feature for the Settings section of the app and has shared screenshots for the same.

    WhatsApp’s dark mode dims the whole settings interface by using a dark grey colour instead of pure black. WhatsApp’s dark mode has been rumoured to arrive for a long time, and it is great to finally see some development towards it. So far, the company hasn’t revealed anything about the release of the feature yet and we can only expect it to roll out soon.