Yelawolf launches last Record Album ‘Trunk Muzik 3’


    Micheal Wayne Atha better known as Yelawolf is now tending to end his contract with Eminem’s record label Shady Records. But the farewell would not be a sad one as he has dropped his fifth Studio album titled as Trunk Muzik III.

    Yelawolf signed with the Shady Records in January of 2011 and in the following winter he released his second Studio Album, Radioactive. The Alabama rapper had already announced at the concert in August last year that this would be his last album with the Shady records. The rapper was absolutely adored to work with the records. He even gave shout out to Marshall Mathers.

    Trunk Muzik III is somehow referred to the sequel of his breakthrough album Trunk Muzik 0-60. The second album coming by the name Trunk Muzik Returns was released on March 14 2013. Yelawolf said that it was his third instalment in the series and indicated that the album gets back to these 808’s and classic southern rap cadences. He even told that it was the funniest project to make.

    The music and songs are astonishing. There is distinctiveness in Yalewolfs each track that defines his talent. We think the album is momentary and the anecdote is impeccable. His honest fans will truly enjoy and savour for more of this in the coming future.

    The list of track includes:

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