1 Dead, 2 Injured at Explosion, Fire at KMCO Chemical plant in Crosby


    One person is dead and 2 injured at the KMCO Chemical plant fire in Crosby after an explosion occurred there on Tuesday afternoon.

    Local Fire Crew and Emergency Response Service were immediately dispatched to the scene. Fire crew immediately started their efforts of controlling the fire and evacuating the facility.

    So far one person is reportedly killed and 2 have been injured. The injured have been airlifted to a local hospital where they are being treated.

    Harris County Sheriff Office just held a press briefing in which they explained the situation.

    The representative explained that Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) has sent out their “emergency response personnel and redirected one of its air quality monitoring vans to the vicinity” and they will collect and send their air quality reading to the EPA.

    A shelter in place was also issued in the Sheldon ISD and Crosby ISD and all the student were not allowed to leave the school until further notice.

    However, Harris County put out a notice saying that the shelter in place was only in effect within a 1-mile radius of the KMCO Plant. Sheldon ISD doesn’t fall within the one-mile radius of KMCO, therefore, the shelter in place in Sheldon ISD was lifted. Sheldon ISD put out a tweet saying, “we are allowing parents to pick up their children from school early should they wish to do so.”

    This is a developing story and we are constantly updating following it to give you further updates.