13 Reasons Why Season 3: Will Clay Die in the End ?


    After successfully occupying fans heart in season 1 and season 2 Netflix’s controversial hit drama “13 reasons why” is back for season 3.

    Following last season’s dramatic cliffhanger ending fans have been turmoiling to find out what will happen to Clay Jensen and his classmates at liberty high school. The crowd was in great confusion that, will clay die at the end? What happens if he died?

    Talking about the previous seasons, Season one revealed thirteen people’s (tapes) that led to Hannah’s death by suicide. Each reason was documented in a cassette tape and then we follow clay (Hannah’s former love interest) as he listened to the tapes and then he got to know about the darker side of Liberty High school.

    In Season two we saw Clay being haunted by Hannah’s spirit, while her mother took liberty High school to trial over Hannah’s suicide and Bryce have tried to rap Jessica and eventually he was sentenced to three months probation.

    In season two’s final episode Tyler down was sexually assaulted by Montgomery and in the final tensed scenes we saw Clay managed to talk Tyler down outside of school from carrying out his deadly plan “If you really think this is going to be different then do what you got to do ” and in the final scene Clay was outside the school holding Tyler’s gun as the police sirens drew closer.

    This drama is originally based on a young adult novel written by Joy Asher. The first season of this chaotic drama was premiered on 31st March 2017 and the second season was premiered on 18th May 2018 and season 3 will be premiered on June 2019 though no official time frame had been given.

    Also, it seems that the majority of the cast are set to return including Dylan Minnette (clay), Justin Prentice (Bryce), Christian Navarro (Tony Padilla ), Alisha Boe (Jessica Davis) and Brandon Flynn (Justin Foley).

    While Dylan Minnette ( Clay Jensen ) in an interview last year asked about the season 3 he said that he does not wants Clay to have a love interest and he wants to see clay being little wiser and little more grown up and not carrying the guilt and weight of Hannah anymore. Also, he said that season 3 will not be going to be easy for clay as well as other members.