Amit Shah Blames “Congress” for Demoralizing Armed Forces


    In the present political environment, Congress released their manifesto and promised that they will downgrade AFSPA (Armed forces special protection act ). It seems like an election move which may increase their number of voters or may not, but their political rivals attacked them saying that it is a demoralizing move by Congress against our Armed forces.

    BJP president Amit Shah on Tuesday while attending a public rally in Tuticorin ( Tamil Nadu ) attacked Congress for promising a review of Armed forces act ( AFSPA ) in their election manifesto and accused them of attempting to demoralize armed forces personnel posted on different areas.

    Addressing a rally Shah said  ” I want to ask the Congress chief, does he want to strengthen the armed forces or is he trying to demoralize them. What message does he want to give on AFSPA? “
    Earlier today, Congress president Rahul Gandhi released their election manifesto which has promised to amend AFSPA that grants special power to the armed forces in insurgency-hit areas.
    The manifesto said that the proposal to amend AFSPA, 1958 is aimed at striking “a balance between the powers of security forces and the human rights of citizens and to remove immunity for enforced disappearance, sexual violence, and torture”.
    AFSPA first passed on 11 September 1958 in Naga hills and Part of Assam in the following decades it passed to the north eastern state. In 1983 another one passed in Punjab and Chandigarh and withdrawn in 1997 roughly 14 years. On 1990  it became applicable to Jammu and Kashmir and still, it is not withdrawn.
    Due to concerns about human rights violation and sexual harassment this act gets a lot of criticism.