Are you ready to get lost in the Sea of Thieves?


    Released to the world on 20th March of 2018, Sea of Thieves celebrated its one-year successful anniversary recently. The gameplay and design, with particular focus on the sailing mechanics, were widely applauded around the world.

    This fun action-packed, pirate-themed game, developed by the British developer, Rare was at first published onto Microsoft stores on Xbox and PC. The life of a pirate isn’t just a mix of “Ahoy”, yo-ho-ho, “Aye”, and a bottle of rum! A pirate’s life is as tough as nails. Firstly, because sailing a ship is harder than it looks. It actually needs a bit of practice. Hence, playing Sea of Thieves wouldn’t be a piece of cake.

    sea of thieves

    If you do not want to see yourself thrown overboard on a stormy night with huge waves, if you do not want to lose your pegs, or if you just do not want to find yourself being smashed to pieces by the Kraken, whose enchanting presence would be obvious once the waters turn black, you might want to check out a few tips and read the manuals before starting on playing the game. If not, you should probably bid goodbye to the world and might have an early grave with lots of water!

    The entire ocean of the Sea of Thieves will be vast and dotted with islands and a little bit of this and that. Demarcated into various parts like the Caribbean, wilderness, etc., it will almost take six to eight hours to take an entire round along the circumference! However, each and every part of this expanse ocean is designed to be completely unique and beguiling.

    Xbox One and Microsoft PC allows the players to either play this game individually or as a crew of 4 players in the multiplayer mode. You could either play against the players or co-operate. So, what are you waiting for? Call up your friends and make plans for sailing a pirate ship all across the sea and looting wrecked treasures!