Arrow Season 8 may Wrap Up Shooting Final bits of the Show this Month


    The CW’s longest-running comic series, Arrow is reported to launch its season 8 soon. This show which spawned the whole term of Arrowverse in which many other shows take reference from has almost come to an end with this 8th season reportedly being the last in the series.

    This is confirmed by our hero, Oliver Queen on Wednesday. Amell wrote to his fans that playing Oliver was his greatest experience and the final run of 10 episodes is coming out this fall.

    Arrow triggered a string of shows on Arrowverse when it introduces Barry Allen (who later got his own show called Flash running) in its second season. Supergirl, legends of tomorrow, Batwoman are among others. Just like how Iron Man triggered the Marvel universe, Arrow kick-started the CW superhero universe.

    The show was conceived from the idea of Green Arrow comic character by the trio of Berlanti, Guggenheim, and Kreisberg. For those of you who haven’t seen Arrow before, the whole plot revolves around Oliver Queen who was presumed dead in a shipwreck returns home five years later to Starling city.

    He then created this superhero cover called Green Arrow to fight all kinds of crime in the city. He is probably the only hero without superpowers only depending on his fine archery and combat skills.

    Coming back to the season 8 news, the characters are done justice by nobly exiting the sets. “Oliver might exit as a martyr” rumors say. Emily Rickards happens to make her exit as Felicity even before season 8 starts.
    We just have to wait and see if the last season really upholds the legacy of the entire Arrow universe!