As a Tribute to Harambe, Elon Musk Releases Rap Song ‘RIP Harambe’


    The Tesla and SpaceX CEO, Elon Musk has just released a Rap Song named ‘RIP Harambe’ as a ‘Tribute’ to the Cincinnati Zoo gorilla who was shot in 2016.

    He also turned to twitter where he has 25.5 million follower to promote his “Emo G Records.”

    But immediately showed disappointment when his “record label failed.”

    Musk was recently involved many controversies. Last year in July he accused the British diver in Thai cave rescue operation by calling him a pedo.’

    He was also involved in another controversy in the September of Last year when a lawsuit was filed by Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) against Musk, suing him for “false and misleading statements” which was in reference to his tweet where he jokingly said “Am considering taking Tesla private at $420. Funding secured.”