Ashley Judd and Her Stand on the Abortion Bill in Georgia


    It is long known how out spoken the actress Ashley Judd is about her abortion in the past, as well as her experiences with sexual assault and harassment. This time it was at Tina Brown’s 10th annual Women in the World summit on Thursday. Off late the 50 year old actress is seen putting up fight against a bizarre bill passed by the Georgia senate, that would make the abortion illegal once the heartbeat is heard.

    The three time rape survivor is very open about her rape incidents and a legal and safe access she had to abortion when one of the three times there was conception. The paternity rights in Tennessee, where the actress belongs to, would’ve made her co-parent the child with the rapist.

    Judd further added how important it is for a women to have access to a safe abortion, and feel the democracy is not supposed to regulate what women choose to do with their insides.

    Judd makes it clear about the fact that bills like this will only push women’s health into danger, because this will not stop abortions but will only make way for unsafe abortions.

    Bill from the Georgia senate makes the abortion illegal only when the heartbeat is felt but medically this can occur even before a women realizes that she is pregnant. The conservative lawmakers since 1973, when the abortion was made legalized nation, wanted to abolish the Supreme Court decision.

    Judd was the first to accuse Harvey Weinstein of sexual harassment, back in 2017, and alleged him of blacklisting her in the industry and spreading false statements and defaming her as an actor. The producer is likely to face the trials in May wherein the actress wants him to be imprisoned if he’s found to be rapist.

    The actress is joined by other Hollywood actors who have vowed to boycott the state if this horrible bill is passed. It is just not the celebrity backup she wants but also seek to encourage many more people(not only women, but everyone) to stand up and fight for the right which allows women to do what they want with their own bodies.