Attack On Titan Season 3 Part 2 Episode 1, The Titan that you Missed


    Warning, this article might contain spoilers for Attack On Titan Season 3 Part 2 Episode so be careful when reading ahead.

    Attack On Titan Season 3 Part 2 Episode 1 just premiered in Japan and fans were blown away from the epic start of part 2 of the Anime. There were so many details that the fans weren’t able to comprehend in the first viewing. However, Wit Studio does know how to start a season with a bang.

    So, as the first the episode nobody we should have expected from Wit Studio to put the viewer right into the action. As they have done this before like Episode 1 of Attack On Titan Season 1 when Titans first broke through the wall.

    In Part 1 of Season 3, we were left as the Survey Corps left on their mission to retake the Shiganshina District and uncover the truth about the Eren Yeager’s Basement, that his father left behind. So let’s start the discussion and see what did you miss in the Episode of Attack On Titan Season 3 Part 2.

    First of all, let’s discuss the Elephant in the Room, the introduction of the 8th Titan Shifter which was introduced in the first episode. I am talking about this 4 legged quadruple titan that is standing beside the Beast Titan.

    Attack On Titan Season 3 Part 2 Episode 1, The Titan that you Missed

    Looking close at the Screenshot from the episode we could notice a few other details about the Titan. One thing that the all manga reader know is the name of the Titan. The name of the Titan is Cart Titan. As you can see, it is carrying a box on its back. The main function of this titan is as a supply carrier and a support titan. It doesn’t have any combat abilities. However, it is an excellent support partner that can carry supply and other useful things while also being able to travel long distances on its four legs.

    There are many other things that are related to the Cart Titan but those are heavy Spoilers that we would be refraining ourselves from discussing here.

    So what other things that we missed. One thing that we do know about is where is Bertholdt. We do know where Reiner was hiding thanks to Armin’s quick thinking. Reiner was found (and killed) by one of the Scout when Armin deduced that they might be hiding behind the walls. But we do not know where is Bertholdt.

    Although he was shown in the episode when Bertholdt and Reiner both saw the lightning bolt from Eren’s transformation. We get a quick glimpse of his hiding spot.

    Attack On Titan Season 3 Part 2 Episode 1, The Titan that you Missed

    He could be seen hiding in a dark place with lots of holes through which he is seeing Eren transform. But to know what the three of them are planning we have to wait for a week to find out.

    And at last one thing that we all missed and that wasn’t even mentioned in the episode was of Ymir. Yes, Ymir who has been absent from the series since the end of Season 2. At the End of Season 2 of Attack on Titan, we see Ymir saving Reiner and Bertholdt from a horde of mindless titans that were sent by Eren’s Coordinate Power. So, we could expect her to show up this season as she took off with Reiner and Bertholdt in hopes of returning what she stole from them.

    So, guys what are you most excited about this season Attack On Titan and what do you expect could happen in this season. Let us know in the comments.