Attack on Titans Season 3 Part 2 is finally out and can now be streamed online!


    After all this time, we finally get to see what exactly is inside Eren Yeager’s basement! Yeah, it’s the same Yeager you were thinking! The attack on Titans seasons 3 part 2 is finally out! The extensive use of exclamation marks is me being excited since this is definitely something to be excited about! Before we go any further, listen to me carefully. You are hereby warned that this post might contain spoilers. Hence, if you are sensitive to spoilers, I highly recommend you do not read further. However, if spoilers don’t really change anything for you, please continue reading!

    Ever since part 1 of season 3 stopped abruptly, anime lovers have gone crazy over the season’s ending! The first episode was released yesterday, the 28th of April. And the fans were not disappointed with the plot propagation.

    Attack on Titan season 3 Part 2

    For those have you who do not have enough time to watch all the 49 episodes before starting on the season 3 part 2, here is the plot you need to to know. Eren Yeager is the main guy here, who kind of leads the fight against titans. Eren, his sister, and his best friend are apparently orphans and eventually join the military to fight against evil, here the evil might refer to giant, human-eating, gross humanoids called Titans.

    The last remnants of the human race are behind three great walls (Wall Rose, Wall Sina, and Wall Maria) around which Titans are present in plenty. Any breach in these walls will lead to huge chaos and destruction to humanity. So far, the Maria wall has been taken by the Titans and the first episode of season 3 part 2 starts with our hero and his group going on a mission in attempting to retake the wall.

    Attack on Titan season 3

    Their aim is to then establish peace by obliterating all titans after checking out the mystery in Eren’s basement that was left behind by his father! The story beautifully blends the elements of emotion, heroship, honour among others and illustrates yet again the fight between the good and evil. The whole credit of this creation goes to Hajime Isayama, the man behind the whole “Attack on Titans”.

    This episode which happens to be out on the same weekend in which the much awaited Avengers Endgame and GoT’s Battle of Winterfell also made the screens, brought pure bliss to the mixed fanbase making them go crazy.

    If you haven’t watched the first episode that was aired yesterday, I’m not saying anything more, just that it is absolutely amazing and that you have to go check it out! You can currently find it streaming on Crunchyroll or Funimation!