Avengers Endgame: Harley Keener will Become the Next Iron Man in MCU



    We’re guessing you have watched the movie since you’re still reading the article. Avengers: Endgame was a rollercoaster ride for all of us. There were moments of great joy and great pain. But we are not here to discuss how the movie made us all feel, we are here to discuss the teenager boy.

    The teen at Tony’s Funeral. Everyone was present at the funeral of our beloved Iron Man who sacrificed his life for the universe. Among the others, there was a teen paying his respects to his mentor. His name is Harley Keener.

    Harley Keener is the boy who appeared in Iron Man 3. He crossed paths with Tony Stark in 2012 when Iron Man broke into the kid’s garage. Recognizing Tony, Keener helped him in his quest against Mandarin. He also helped Tony with the PTSD from the New York attack.

    His presence a decade later in Endgame at Stark’s funeral raises many theories. We can guess that Stark and Keener, after all, maintained contact.

    With Tony Stark gone, who will be the next Iron Man? Who will stand up to his great legacy? It could be his daughter Morgan or it could be Harley Keener.


    Avengers Endgame: Harley Keener will Become the Next Iron Man in MCU

    MCU rarely does anything without a reason. So, the appearance of Harley Keener at the end of the movie can possibly mean that they have plans for him.

    At the end of Iron Man 3, Tony renovated Keener’s garage with the latest tech. Keener has definitely explored hi engineer side and tinkered with the gadget. He’s got knowledge and he had Tony Stark as his mentor. He liked to play with gadgets and tech just like Tony. They’re both very similar in many aspects. Thus, He is a potential replacement as Iron Man.

    Even in the comics, Tony Stark has been replaced as Iron Man many times. Just after Iron Man 3 too, fans had started speculating that Keener was being set up as the future Iron Man.


    Who is Iron Lad? Most of us are aware that in the comics, Tony Stark is the director of SHIELD. After the civil war, a kid who worked under Tony takes up the mantle. This kid who takes up the mantle is known as Iron Lad.

    Avengers Endgame: Harley Keener will Become the Next Iron Man in MCU
    Picture Credit- Marvel Comics

    But the kid in the comics is actually an alien. So, the movie version will be different. Since all the other Tony replacements in the comics are female, Iron Lad is the only viable male replacement. As said earlier, Marvel would rarely do anything without a motive, so the cameo of Harley at Tony’s funeral might hint towards this theory.

    These ideas are not as farfetched as they might seem. It is totally possible. But still, it’s the Marvel Universe we’re talking about, anything is possible! Your guess is as good as ours.

    Seems like we’ll just have to wait to find out what future does MCU hold for Harley Keener.

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