Read Here: Avengers Endgame Leaked Footage reveals crucial plot points


    Avenger Endgame Spoiler leaked on Saturday which contains a few new scenes. The Avengers Endgame was going to hit the cinemas within less than two weeks. According to the source, marvel showed this footage to their a selected audience at an event in Seoul which was heavily guarded for a 20 minutes exclusive footage.

    Still one of them leaked a scene which shows the various parts of the movie. Thankfully some of the leaks were out in facebook and youtube. There are many scenes in the leaked footage which are big reveals of the movie. As per regulations, we won’t be able to show the video footage but we can give a description and tell you about the event that was leaked in the footage.

    *Spoilers: Below are given Avengers Endgame spoilers. Be Careful. If you do not want to get spoiler be wary and do not read ahead.

    Spoiler 1:

    In the first scene of the footage we could see Captain America, Thor ( with his big long blonde hairs), Black Widow and surprise surprise Hulk (with glasses). Yes, you read it right we see Banner back in his Hulk form which is a surprise as he wasn’t able to transform into Hulk back in Avengers Infinity War. But this is not the spoiler. We actually see Hulk with the full mental capacity of Bruce Banner working on a machine (Which is unidentified at this point but it could be the Gauntlett).

    Spoiler 2:

    We see Hulk, Captain America, Ant-Man and Iron Man travel back in time to the battle of New York from Avengers 1. There we see all 4 discussing their plan of action which is probably to retrieve the space stone for the makeshift Gauntlett. We also see a funny scene where the future Hulk sees the Past hulk beating Chitauri Soldiers into pulp which makes in the Future Hulk embarrassed.

    Spoiler 3:

    There is also a brief scene in the footage where two Captain America’s are fighting with each other on a walkway. It clear in the footage that both Captain America’s are from the past and the future but it is not clear why both of them are fighting eachother.

    Spoiler 4:

    (Major Major Spoiler): WE SEE HULK TRYING ON THE INFINITY GAUNTLETT MADE BY STARK. Yes, it is finally confirmed that Tony Stark will make an Infinity Gauntlett with his wits and brain. After making the Gauntlett, the Avengers will try to gather all 6 infinity stones by going into the past and retrieving them before they are taken by Thanos. After combining the stones with the Gauntlett Hulk tries on the Gauntlett which causes immense stain on hulks right arm. This makes Thor try to stop but Steve Roger insists on continuing.

    Spoiler 5:

    At the end of the leaked footage, we see Captain America, Iron Man, Thor and Hulk Fighting Thanos. The interesting thing here is Captain America is not just wielding his adamantium shield but also Thor old Hammer Mjoinir. And with his shield and Thor’s Hammer, he is able to take on Thanos head on and bring him to his knees.

    The Footage ends with a big climactic battle were every Marvel Hero featured in the MCU is there on the side of the Avengers including all the characters that were killed in the snap and on the other hand we have Thanos and his army. We see both the armies charging towards each other which marks the end of the footage.

    We don’t see much of Captain Marvel in Action but we do see her in one scene where she is in space. The thing of importance here is in this scene Captain Marvel doesn’t have her long hair but has her signatures short hair from the comics.

    Terrified followers of the MCU are muting every possible word on Social media that would see the leaked footage on their timeline. Many Tweets are also coming out where people are giving a spoiler warning.

    As of right now no one from Marvel or from the production/cast of the movie has addressed this leak but the are likely to hear from them in a short time.