Best Ways that will Improve Amazon’s Alexa

    This is the era, era of technological advancement. The propensity of this advancement has led to various innovations. Innovation that even exceeds us. Artificial Intelligence has changed the way we live. From Siri to self-driving car, AI is being touched with every one of us. Among them is a virtual assistant developed by Amazon Lab126. This virtual assistant is called Alexa that wields Amazon Echo and Amazon Echo Dot, the range of smart speakers developed by Amazon. But unfortunately, they seem to have multiple issues.
    The feature where it needs to revamp includes;

    Responsive Music Demand

    The report says 38.2 % of people stream music on their device. But most of them don’t appreciate the working of Alexa when they ask for the particular song to be played. Even if you have another subscribed application that can stream music, Alexa retorts that the desired song is not available without a subscription in Amazon music. This is quite frustrating for the users as Alexa indirectly prioritize its mother company’s music platform. Though in recent times, Amazon has made some improvements including the playback experience that enhances to recite the name of song and artist. Even Alexa achieved dialogue driven search that enables to search music over voice.

    IFTTT acts

    Id this then that is a web service that creates chains of conditional sentence called applets. But this is gruesomely developed in Alexa. You can’t cast on an  Internet-connected light switch and allow Alexa to play a sound bite. This implicates that only Alexa devices can be triggered. There is a third party skill called Notify me. But everyone wishes this IFTTT integration to be more substantial.

    Command Short cuts

    Shortcuts let you compress arduous commands to the pithy phrase. Amazon’s voice assistant overtures no such performance, Sadly short of programming an Alexa Routine with a characteristic phrase. There’s a workaround — you can program an IFTTT phrase to trigger responses— but those responses are narrowed to third-party devices and benefits, so things like aligning up songs from Amazon Music or beaming pictures to a Fire TV Stick are impervious.

    Text and Calls

    Alexa is fascinated with a service of messaging. It enables users to transfer typed text through Alexa-enabled devices and even the companion app in Android and IOS. But while transferring MMS or group messages, it doesn’t play admirably in that format. There is always certain trouble carrying out these performances that is frustrating to high-end devices like Alexa. Even Alexa can’t function properly in voice-messaging and calls. There is no adequate support for the conference calls.  It can’t conference more than one Alexa-enabled device or phone at the same time. Shuffling a conference call with voice directions probably wouldn’t be the easiest thing in the world. But if it has, then it would be boon for the technology that Amazon serves.