Blue Bloods family back into business with the all New Season 10


    What’s your favorite CBS show? Yeah, same here! Blue Bloods has been a powerhouse for viewership from the time it was aired in 2010. Even after nine seasons, it’s still reigning the binge-watching community!

    First things first, those of you who have never heard this show called Blue Bloods before, let’s compensate for the bad luck you had so far! Blue Bloods is a drama show which revolves around a family having a multi-generation of cops who are dedicated to New York City law enforcement.

    Blue Bloods family back into business with the all new Season 10
    Photo by Alan Light

    Frank Reagan played by Tom Selleck is the chief NYC police and heads both the Reagan family and police force. Basically, the whole show, along with a flavor of the drama focuses on a bunch of people solving mysteries.

    But before we talk about them solving their mysteries lets look at the mystery of how it remains to have such a huge fanbase after 9 years and 9 seasons?

    Blue Bloods does a fantastic job of mixing the emotionality of family life and the enigma of a police drama. With a top-notch cast who have amazing chemistry on the screen such as that of JamKo, Blue Bloods is escalating with the TRPs. The family dinners are something to look forward to as the audience get a chance to look at the family sitting together after tackling their rough and tenuous cases.

    This subtle introduction to this police procedural is because of the possibility of there being a season 10 coming soon. The rumors say that the premiere might be aired after September this year seeing as how all the seasons 1 to 9 came out in September. All nine seasons ad around 22 episodes each, so season 10 (that is if there is a season 10) might also follow suit.

    Though, might be the keyword here! With no official word on these statements, however, we cannot form to any conclusions about the drama being continued even if the last season leaves with lots of scope for season 10. Guess we just have to keep our eyes and ears open!