Call Of Duty 2019: will Activision announce a Modern Warfare 4 at E3


    The most recent escape, reported by information website Gaming INTEL, asserts the following Call of Duty 2019 will see the return of ace perks in its online multiplayer, even while some other rumor hints at vintage killstreaks from previous games MW2 and MW3 also returning.

    Call Of Duty 2019: will Activision announce a Modern Warfare Sequel at E3
    A Fan Art for the Main Menu and Multiplayer Menu for Modern Warfare 4 by @deziah

    Now as for what the latest leaks and rumors suggest Activision will probably reveal this’s year Call Of Duty game at E3 2019, which they definitely will. Activision’s last year’s game Call Of Duty Black Ops 4 was although a commercial success because of their newest Battle Royale mode called Blackout, fans of the series were left with one gripe i.e. the lack of a single player campaign. Activision has been on bad terms with their fans when it comes to their single-player campaign as fans have been complaining that their campaigns aren’t as engaging as they used to be.

    Call Of Duty 2019: will Activision announce a Modern Warfare Sequel at E3
    Fan art for the upcoming rumored Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 4 Pic-

    This is kind of shock for Activision as they were one of the few companies that were at the forefront of action-packed games with engaging storytelling. Their Modern Warfare and Black Ops series is one of the most critically and commercially successful series in the industry as they were loved by both critics and fans alike for their gameplay and storytelling.

    Modern Warfare 1, in particular, is still one of their best games that they have made according to many fans and critics. And therefore to please their fans, Activision could be going back to its roots. Now realistically speaking the chances of us getting a Modern Warfare 4 is very slim and there is a higher chance that Activision can continue Ghost story instead as they left the story on a cliffhanger.

    But that too seems very unlikely as Ghost was Activision’s worst selling titles they have produced. So, the only choice that they are left with is either a totally new title or Modern Warfare. And we know that the Modern Warfare trilogy was completed with the death of our beloved protagonist Soap and Price killing Makarov. But Activision could still come up with a plot that they could use to give us another Modern Warfare title to talk about.

    According to the origin of those escapes, Infinity Ward’s vision to the sequel would be to pivot from present tendencies and choose Modern Warfare back. Perks were introduced into the show with the launch of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Each perk came labeled using a challenge which, upon conclusion, allowed entry to some version of this episode.

    Call Of Duty 2019: will Activision announce a Modern Warfare Sequel at E3

    The rumor surrounding killstreaks does not go into detail saying that its killstreaks will probably be rolling into Modern Warfare 4 from games. Call of Duty fans will recall the first Modern Warfare had just three killstreaks – the UAV, airstrike, and helicopter.

    Through time, these are becoming more and more complicated to the series system for example death streaks and point streaks. If Modern Warfare 4 falls on these previous games, anticipate the yield of maintenance packages.

    In addition to sentry guns, Juggernauts, not to mention the dreaded nuclear missile. Developer Infinity Ward substantiated none of that. However, it would not be a surprise. It is no secret that the team Call of Duty games have been hit and miss, 2013’s Ghosts revealing the show. Meanwhile, Infinite Warfare angered fans by reworking its multiplayer despite becoming one of those campaign manners in the show.