Can You Run: PUBG PC LITE System Requirement, Tricks and More


    Tencent games had launched the official version of PUBG LITE PC on January 24th. It is offered on Steam as a beta version.

    The people who do not possess high-end PC’s can now rejoice. Earlier, players required a high-end pc only to play the base game PUBG. This version has been introduced so that the players who possess a low-end pc or medium-end pc can also enjoy the game. Unlike PUBG, PUBG Lite is free to download. Some people are very geek for finding unique Pubg names.

    It was first launched in Thailand as a beta version with hopes of expanding to other SEA (South-East Asia ) countries. Tencent has employed a whole new development team for PUBG lite PC which is different from their primary team that handles the original PUBG PC. Tencent has employed separate resources for PUBG LITE PC in order to provide good user experience worldwide.

    PUBG LITE Beta Test Service has expanded to Bangladesh, Taiwan, HongKong, and Macau. It is currently not available in India but as India consists of a major number of PUBG players, it is expected to arrive soon and maybe as soon as the summer of 2019. Many people around the world have already started to play by using a VPN.

    If you want to play PUBG LITE PC, you can download it by using the above-mentioned countries’ VPN. You will have to keep the VPN service during the game too.

    As it is a beta version, the only map available is Erangel. Updates are constantly being made by the team to uphold the promise of delivering a very similar experience to PUBG.
    The graphics are almost as good as the regular PUBG game.

    New pieces of equipment have been added, new vehicles and arms have also been added in the new update. It has fewer assets and other degraded or rather optimized dynamic details which include shadows, lighting effects, and other graphical and texture details.

    The minimum system requirements that your PC needs to fulfill in order to download PUBG LITE are as follows:

    CPU: Intel Core i3 2.4GHz or AMD Phenom II X3 720 2.8 GHz.

    RAM: 4 GB

    OS: Windows 7/8/10 64-bit

    GPU: Intel HD Graphics 4000

    DirectX 11